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SS Floor Traps

Available in Size, Grade & Finish

Available Sizes

Material Grade


6"X6" 150X150 MM

SS 304 (AISI304)


5"X5" 125X125 MM

SS 202 (AISI202)


5" (125 MM) Round

A-003/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

A-004 (2 Pc with Hole)

B-001 (2 Pc)

B-002 (3 Pc)

B-003 (Cockroach)

B-003/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

B-004 (2 Pc with Hole)

C-001 (2 Pc)

C-002 (3 Pc)

C-003 (Cockroach)

D-001 (2 Pc)

D-002 (3 Pc)

D-003 (Cockroach)

D-003/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

D-004 (2 Pc with Hole)

E-003 (Cockroach)

E-003 (Cockroach Tiles)

F-001 (2 Pc)

F-003 (Cockroach)

F-003/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

F-004 (2 Pc with Hole)

G-001 (2 Pc)

G-003 (Cockroach)

G-003/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

G-004 (2 Pc with Hole)

H-001 (2 Pc)

H-003 (Cockroach)

H-003/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

H-004 (2 Pc with Hole)

I-001 (2 Pc)

I-003 (Cockroach)

I-003/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

I-004 (2 Pc with Hole)

J-001 (Single Pc)

A-201 (2 Pc)

A-203 (Cockroach)

A-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

A-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

B-201 (2 Pc)

B-203 (Cockroach)

B-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

B-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

C-201 (2 Pc)

C-203 (Cockroach)

C-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

C-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

D-201 (2 Pc)

D-203 (Cockroach)

D-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

D-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

E-201 (2 Pc)

E-203 (Cockroach)

E-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

E-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

F-201 (2 Pc)

F-203 (Cockroach)

F-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

F-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

G-201 (2 Pc)

G-203 (Cockroach)

G-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

G-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

H-201 (2 Pc)

H-203 (Cockroach)

H-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

H-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

I-201 (2 Pc)

I-203 (Cockroach)

I-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

I-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

J-201 (2 Pc)

J-203 (Cockroach)

J-203/HL (Cockroach with Hole)

J-204 (2 Pc with Hole)

K-201 (1 Pc)

About Us

Simtex Industries Private Limited came into existence in the year 2011 with a name Sialon Engineers. The company was started by 3 young entrepreneurs as a small engineering workshop aimed to provide machining solutions. As the years passed, the company gradually started developing its own products and provide customized engineering solutions and products as per the market needs[…]

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Survey No : 99/1-2, 100-P, Plot No. 4/42, Radhe Industrial Zone, B/H Muscat Polymers, Veraval (Shapar), Rajkot – 360 024, Gujarat, India.

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