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At Simtex Industries Private Limited we strictly adheres to industry quality and testing norms and leave no scope of error in producing quality products. We’re committed to producing the highest-quality products with uncompromising strength, durability, and finish. Our infrastructure, production processes, and quality control operations consistently demonstrate a uniformly high degree of excellence.

Water proof, Weather proof and Non Corrosive

100% waterproof, corrosion-free material, and resistant to heat and cold.

Burglar Proof

The non-reprocess ability of FRP protects it from theft and extreme sunlight does not soften the material.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

The strength to weight ratio in FRP is much higher than other materials hence it resistance impact and non-brittle.

Light Weight

FRP is considered to be the best alternative material as it is light in weight and easy to handle.

Easy Handling

The lightweight of FRP for manhole covers helps in easy handling and transportation.

Zero Scrap Value

We strictly adhere to industry quality and testing norms and leave no scope of error in producing quality products.

Long Life

We deliver products with a longer life span, light weighted and have the capability to withstand heavy loads.

Chemical & Slip Resistance

Pioneers in the development of innovation in custom molding, we provide products with chemical resistance and slip resistance.

Thermal & Electrical Non Conductivity

Due to the poor heat transfer properties of FRP, FRP Covers do not absorb heat and remain at normal temperature under sunlight and non-conductor of electricity.


Resins present in the FRP provide our products corrosion resistance and strength.

Resistance to High Abrasion

Due to the chemical composition, even excess load-bearing, the FRP covers /gratings do not disintegrate into pieces.

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Simtex Industries Private Limited came into existence in the year 2011 with a name Sialon Engineers. The company was started by 3 young entrepreneurs as a small engineering workshop aimed to provide machining solutions. As the years passed, the company gradually started developing its own products and provide customized engineering solutions and products as per the market needs[…]

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